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All-Round Cleaning Services Across Sydney Suburbs

Our cleaning services cater to residential, commercial and industrial sectors across Sydney, Australia. We work specific to client requirements and are trusted and renowned for providing custom cleaning services to homes and offices. Our cleaning services are not just limited to sweeping the floors or dusting the windows; we offer complete cleaning solution to every property inside your home or office. Whether it is for a dirty carpet, stained upholstery, greasy windows, or post construction clean up, we are at your complete service.


With our regular cleaning service we provide you with an outstanding cleaning job at an affordable price. Our dedicated cleaners are true professionals and make sure your home is transformed into a spotless place.


Our cleaning services are simple, easy to book and work around your schedule. Don’t worry about providing cleaners with any equipment – they come with their own professional cleaning equipment, so your home is treated with the attention and care it deserve

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SuperClean upholstery cleaning method can restore the beauty and extend the life of your favourite sofa, chair, pillows, mattresses or other upholstered furnishings; restoring it’s vibrant colour, plush feel, and original beauty. Keep your upholstery fresh, and smelling great!

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Office Maintenance 

We provide office cleaning in Sydney and janitorial cleaning services, whether you need daily cleaning, weekly, or one-time cleaning service. We recycle and ensure that the cleaning services we provide are safe for the environment.

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School & College Cleaning

We offer daytime school porters, and daytime school/college cleaning janitorial maintenance services in all Sydney, as well as daytime school maintenance services of all kind, we service all your school/college maintenance needs.

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Developers, Builders and Contractors Count On The Superclean Difference For Quality and Reliable Construction Cleaning Services After the dust settles, you can trust the SuperClean Services Team to bring out the brilliance and shine in your building project. Let us transform your construction site into a clean and beautiful office, workplace or residence with our professional post-construction preoccupation cleaning service.


Our clients appreciate our services for 5-star resort results.  With a single call we’ll take on full responsibility for all aspects of post-construction cleaning down to the finest of details.

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As with post-construction cleaning services, we’ll leave your renovated home dust and odour free, and sparkling clean.  And our post-remodel cleaning extends to your entire home.

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SuperClean offers an extensive range of solution oriented industrial cleaning services across Sydney suburbs in Australia. We handle every aspect of industrial cleaning – including plants and equipment. Whether it be a routinely scheduled cleaning or large projects of deep cleaning, we restore your work environment to high levels of cleanliness and offer the highest quality of industrial cleaning services.


No matter what heavy industry you are in, high pressure water jetting or high pressure water blasting is an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly part of any industrial plant or industrial equipment cleaning toolkit.

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Common packaging materials include glass, metals, plastics and wood, and we ensure the transport method matches the volume as well as the waste streams found, which can sometimes be hazardous.

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24/7 Real-Time Support

We would like to hear from you, feel free to give us a ring on 1300 00 2323 or email us on with your specific requirements. We will work out our costs and get back to you as soon as we can with a free, no obligation quote. Alternatively, you can contact us via our online form, or browse our price list for an idea of our general cleaning rates and charges.

Same-Day Availability

SuperClean strives to match you with the right pro for you and your home every time. Contact us today, and book your weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-off cleaning services. Add your specific cleaning instructions and a trusted cleaner will arrive at your home one time and ready to clean. After the job is done, you can pay securely online by debit or credit card. No cash, no fuss.


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