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Furniture is a big investment. At home or office, they deserve special care. Cleaning them can be difficult and often challenging – they are chunky, dust accumulating and use variety of fabrics. Choosing the right upholstery cleaning solution is therefore vital.

Superclean caters to upholstery cleaning services in Sydney suburbs, Australia. With our upholstery cleaning professionals, you can feel absolutely pain free and comfortable in knowing that your upholstered properties are in the gentle hands of experts. Our upholstery cleaning technicians are well-trained in all fabric types and know clearly the right cleaning solution for your kind of upholstery.

Superclean uses the power of carbonation to lift dirt and soil to the surface and ensures that every fold and crevice is cleaned for perfection in entirety. We use specially formulated pH balancing rinse that removes every dirt and dirt attracting residue off deep along with the cleaning solution. Fabric protector applied ensures longevity of your furniture life and also renders it easy to maintain your upholstery. In short we bring out a brand new looking, perfectly clean and deodorized furniture that leaves your room feeling fresh and looking pleasant.

Take a look at our checklist of services to choose the upholstery cleaning plan for your home or office. If there’s anything specific you’d like us to do which is not listed in there, we’ll be happy to provide you with a customized cleaning plan to meet your specific needs.

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