Cleaning Services

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Service NamePrice (In AUD)$
Construction Cleaning (hourly rate per cleaner)$ 50.00
Industrial Cleaning (hourly rate per cleaner)$ 50.00
Commercial Cleaning (hourly rate per cleaner)$ 50.00
Residential Cleaning (hourly rate per cleaner)$ 45.00
Superclean Gift Voucher $1000$ 999.99
Superclean Gift Voucher $500$ 500.00
Superclean Gift Voucher $250$ 250.00
Superclean Gift Voucher $100$ 100.00
Superclean Gift Voucher $75$ 75.00
Superclean Gift Voucher $50$ 50.00
Upholstery Cleaning (minimum callout)$ 150.00
Rubbish/Furniture Removal$ 200.00
Clean All Walls in Kitchen Area$ 90.00
Rubbish/Furniture Removal$ 300.00
Water Extration Carpet 2br (Emergency Call-Out)$ 700.00
Water Extration Carpet 1br (Emergency Call-Out)$ 500.00
Landscaping Service (Price provided on inspection)$ 999.99
Painting Services (Price provided on inspection)$ 999.99
General Pest Control - Double Storey Properties$ 230.00
General Pest Control - Single Storey Properties$ 180.00
Please note:
  • These rates refer to vacant or furnished properties
  • All rates are exclusive of GST
  • Hourly rates are per cleaner and minimum call out fee per cleaner is 3 hours.
  • If you require a total cost instead of hourly charges, please contact our team to discuss further
  • Prices are subject to change depending on the size of the premises being attended to and scope of work to be carried out including carpet cleaning